Create user

$ useradd -m USER
$ passwod USER

BASE packages I am installing without already installed

$ pacman -S man openssh rsync openvpn tree zsh python python-pip ranger git \
  htop borg curl wget base-devel acpi

Archives and comppression

$ pacman -S zip unzip tar p7zip unrar

User as a root

doas for USER

$ pacman -S opendoas
$ export EDITOR=nvim
$ nvim /usr/local/etc/doas.conf

permit nopass keepenv zymon

$ permit <USER> as root

setup sudo for USER

$ pacman -S sudo
$ export EDITOR=nvim
$ visudo

and change shell to zsh

$ chsh -s /bin/zsh zymon

after it it seems that it's ready

reboot and loing into userland

X, windows managment and sound

mesa xorg xorg-xinit xclip i3-gaps i3blocks i3lock scrot arandr dunst dmenu rofi redshift w3m for images in termianl

Note that package xorg is a quite large group of packages

USER programs


multtimedia tools and processors

image processing, manipulation, and viewing

audio & music


audio play

audio eduting and creation


downloaing media not onlt from youtube

Python packages Computing and tools

Network stuff

Other stuff

zotero (AUR) brave (AUR) spotify (AUR) latex-mk duf redshiftgui-bin sdrangel (FOR SDR stuff)

other packages

zola xdiskusage

$ startx /bin/i3